Short Film Week One and Group Meetings

So after the introduction to the task and the workshops that have followed it is worth noting things for reflection.

Prior to the module beginning I and a few others had already formed the core of what would ultimately be our short film group. Matt and Eloiuse , who I had worked with before Christmas on a project had the same sort of idea, working in the same group for this module in hope that this time we would make something that would go into a festival. I think at this stage I believe we formed the group on the basis of how efficient we were at producing work and how well we devised the work load between us. It was said that before Christmas we would come back with initial ideas for short films and see what we have after Christmas. We felt this was a good idea because it gave us 3 weeks to generate content without being rushed and to hopefully develop our ideas so they were strong enough.  Now however we are back only one or two ideas have surfaced and perhaps the Christmas break has put us of generating ideas and leaving it until we start the module officially. The pre-module production meeting was essentially the same, the ideas didn’t flow apart from one or two of mine, which perhaps didn’t appeal to Matt and Eloiuse as much.

As is mentioned the ideas were and will be the hard part, as much as is a temptation we had to stop dismissing ideas because they had problems like costume and location. As mentioned in the module schedule we need by next week 10 ideas each without going into too much detail. At the moment we only have a handful to go on and sometimes ideas are over thought. At the moment we are both struggling to come up with ideas and to develop the ones we have. I guess time will tell how the ideas will come out but it is important that we generate ideas without expecting others in the group to do it.

One thing which also has become a hindrance is the presence of the Olympic words. Speaking to the course director before hand, these words DIDNT have to be used, so ultimately it is down to us whether they are used but ideally they would be used if very subtlety linked. It could however, depending on how well the ideas flow, be down to whatever film we decide to make. I wouldn’t want it to go down that route but again, time will tell.

We also had our first technical session with the JVC cameras. Both me and Ollie, who is in our short film group, have experience using this camera and will undoubtedly come in use when we start shooting in however many weeks time.

We now look to next week and hopefully we will have these 30-40 ideas that they require and see where we are, hopefully.

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