Things that matter to me: what can be done?

I’l be frank and I’m sure a lot of people are in the same boat, I don’t really care about much. Well that’s a lie, I care about ‘things’ but maybe not enough to say I’d want to actively pursue them over the next 10 weeks. I mean I care about things I enjoy like sports, technology, video games and all other kinds of things which ‘interest’ me. In fact whilst filming ice hockey which has been all new to me since 4 months ago, I have felt really engaged with the community, both Coventry teams are in really need of cash and fan support and I have really wanted to help them with their fundraisers and buy tickets and kit for the players. The club(s) have given me my professional experience for free and I feel I owe them every time for it. I feel guilty knowing that I’m not paying for my ticket because the service I give is free, so the club doesn’t get any money, still, this matters to me.

If we take a look at the news one of the big issues nowadays is global warming and climate change. I’ll put this straight as well, this scares me sh*tless. News of sea’s getting poisoned, global population reaching a stage that by 2050 we will be out of resources, earthquakes, volcano’s, asteroids, bloody hell, I honestly feel scared to look at ‘environment news anywhere because I can’t bear it all (don’t even get me started on 2012).  Getting people to cut down on energy, recycling, eating less, the list goes on; everything we do impacts our world and it is worrying what will happen if we keep abusing our world like that. The problem here then is that it worries me so much I just don’t want to get involved with it for the next 10 weeks, it would depress me deeply.

It is only from news outlets that I hear all this information, too much of it. It makes me wonder what would happen if we had 24 hours without news outlets, I’d be free from all the bad, scary news and notice what’s more closer to home. Too many people have opinions, everyone wants a story for many people to read and I have to take every story with a tablespoon (not a pinch) of salt. Furthermore it’s all so contradicting, looking at what’s real and what’s not, especially with environmental issues is so difficult. I restrict myself to only looking at a few articles a day because of this nature. I find twitter actually becomes a better source of news because a lot (some) of it is what’s happening now, in the present and I can see quite broadly what the people out there are doing and what communities I could get involved with.

At this stage I find that I am better at helping others than of helping myself, I’ll take what life throws and probably do nothing about it but I like to help others if they care about global issues enough to do something about them, I’ll do my best to join them. I guess that’s the challenge then in some ways, to find issues that people care about and help them as best as I can, maybe I can find people to who care about planting more trees, cutting emissions etc without going over the top with the ‘we are all going to die’ quotes which ridden the press. Maybe this could be the start of a strange, new 10 weeks.


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