A Professional Experience Blog: (Day 5) University Professorial Lecture Filming

After filming the webinar earlier on in the year I found myself being called on for a second time to do some more filming work for the university. First all I want to say that I believe I am starting to create a good report with the university and although they are small jobs in essence, they are both valuable in many ways and they are paid work. Aside from being paid for something which doesn’t take much skill, I value the fact that in a country that is struggling for jobs, careers and sustainable living, keeping up with the university as a reliable, approachable and dependable person may look favorably in the future. At the moment I’m not making major assumptions that the university may hire me after I graduate or anything like that but at this stage you cannot bite the hand that feeds you.

Now this goes on much further than just responding to email’s saying ‘yes I’ll do it’, it’s about the whole package. At points like this, it’s about asking if there is anymore work or anything else I can do. Even when going on the shoots it’s about doing the right things and always anticipating that you may be offered something else at the end of the line, a promotion if you will. One of the lecturers that I essentially gives the work out to me, was one of the people who worked within the university as well so it is also down to meeting, interacting, asking the right questions and keeping in with these people who will make the difference.

Down to the placement then and after agreeing to do the shoot I was introduced to more names and faces within the university’s marketing and media and also introduced to some new equipment. A new camera which was a better spec that what I had been working with as present. The camera recorded to HDD so it was worthwhile to try something else for experience. After agreeing times (I decided to come early to show enthusiasm, and to give time in case something failed!) it was time to do the shoot.

Again as mentioned meeting people who I was working with was important to show an agreeable amount of professionalism. For instance the Professor may need another lecture filming so he knows who I am, the sound guy who I was working with may need something filming, or know someone, or know someone of a someone; the list goes on and even at times where your technical knowledge only goes so far, you have to look like you know what you’re doing and show professionalism. After setting up the lecture room began to fill up and again, they see a camera, they see me, if they want a job doing or know someone, they see me, not anyone else. Everyone is a potential customer here.

As for the filming, well it all went a bit pants really. The battery in the camera had run out half way so I had to stand the remainder of his talk like the camera was still rolling. what could I do? I was given equipment to borrow so I was let down. I offered to bring my own equipment but it wasn’t needed (apparently!) All I could do was think to myself that something always goes wrong, again.

In the end, they agreed that it wasn’t my fault and to be honest, I was more annoyed than they was! However it all goes down as experience and I gained more in that day than not doing it at all. I also learnt about using the radio mic’s in the field which I can take away to use in future projects. Also I managed to bag another 3 filming dates with the university, all paid, not bad, eh?

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