A Professional Experience Blog: (Day 4) Webinar

After replying quite quickly to an advert for a paid placement (online again, coincidental?) I was quite happy to take up the idea of learning the skill of directing web feed and creating a feed to send around the world. I think it is a skill which, could, become very useful in the future and I believe we should all know how to do this because with the way we are all going online, it makes sense. The second reason I decided to go for the placement is because the placement I have been doing with the blaze also use web casting so it was useful to learn the basics so I have knowledge on how to do it etc etc

Again getting out the basic kit needed to film (camera, cables, audio etc) we also needed a laptop for the feed and obviously internet connection, oh yeah and fire wire cable to hook it all up. Learning the setup was all basic stuff in the end, after buying your server space its all about putting it together. Again, much with the blaze feed its simple to set up and people will pay money, in the real world for this kind of service.

The conference itself was by Paul Thompson, head of team GB Ice Hockey and the blaze and presenter of The Elite League Ice Hockey Show on Sky Sports, Dave simms. Perfect content I thought to be filming and was a bit of fate as I had been interviewing Thomo for the blaze the weekend before!

After plenty of testing and a couple of minutes before going live, the link failed and because of the crap PC we had to use it was indeed lucky we had a mac with the correct software to hand to provide the service which was going out live to the US of A. I have learnt at this stage that you can do everything possible to get it right and still know that something WILL fail, it just will. It was lucky we had the right tools to correct the problem.

As for the filming, it was the first time I did a conformance live so you have to get the right techniques down and shut yourself out from not all that is being said, but enough so you stay alert and predict the nature of how everything is going to progress.

What was important is that the people who hired me have my name now, on record, above anyone else which should and could lead to more work and more on my CV.

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