Undiscovered Coventry (2011) Analysis

As a radio programme I think what we have created is a really engaging show and I feel that we have kept in the boundaries of what we know of a radio show, played it safe but also tried to add a little bit of character in it as well.

The talking point of the show is of course undiscovered to many, Coventry Zoo and as a listener I feel that the programme engages with topic in a friendly, light-hearted manner which is a real positive for the listener and as producers as well. As a topic we discussed it through ourselves, through a guest and also fished through social networking which is all acceptable terms in radio.

The use of different sounds as well as voice adds character and adding more layers to the programme changes the dynamic to what may have been quite flat without it. I think the timing that the music came in was placed perfectly and even the music snippet at the end rounded up our show and what the show stands for.

The live interview I felt was really well executed and done professionally although may have been seen as to be flat and generic. Maybe doing the interview in a different location or with someone more closer to the zoo might have created a different style of interview, even just asking different questions like: ‘what would you do if a bear that escaped came running at you down the street?’. The answer to that we will never know but it may have been interesting to find out.

The pacing was really well-edited together I thought with enough gap between three presenters who, with both male and female presenters gave a balance opinion to all. It also wasn’t too overloaded with opinion and gave a nice balance between fact and opinion which is want you want with informative radio.

The general feel was that our show may fit with BBC remit of ‘inform, educate and entertain’ however there was also a more commercial attitude towards the content and the listener. It may have been down that as younger producers we only really ‘get’ commercial or younger age range radio and thus struggle to enjoy making content for older generations.

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