TV and Radio format trailers; teasing the senses sensually.

Here is the trailer for our television show, Gender Wars (2011)

The trailer itself is really well constructed if a little technically lacking. The array of clips and variety of them shows the audience what they want to see and what to expect. The images used show an array of ‘fun’ battles which create a feeling of wonder and excitement for the actual show. The pacing is also really well cut as enough image is shown per cut; just enough to keep that wonder element to it.

We see the two presenters established, one male and one female which being a battle of gender is balanced and correct. The use of establishing the presenters early help establish the divide for the audience and the overarching theme for the rest of the show and ultimately divide the audience and evolve opinion of them.

The use of text and font choice in particular gives that high school, cheeky, rebellious feel and sum up the show’s values, the fact also that the text is bold and strong also show emphasis on an authority, battle and conflict. The text is fits the idea of a trailer by ‘talking’ to the audience directly and to the point by asking them ‘to join them’. The graphic of fire/explosion at the start of the trailer reinforce the war element of the programme although a little technically weak. Colour is also very prominent as there is a high use of blue and pink as a theme throughout. The stereotypical colours help create divide for the audience and the use of the two characters in the titles and set are a constant theme throughout.

Finally the music fits in with the war and battle theme especially during the graphics. The change in music in the rest of the trailer brings out the quirky, humorous and daring nature of the programme.

Overall then I feel the TV trailer is really well constructed and as a format is easy to understand and follow. There are clear and concise themes throughout and all pulls togther to look like what could be a good programme.

The Radio Trailer:

Radio trailer

The radio trailer itself fits into the theme of  a radio trailer and it’s constructed to purpose. Its engages on an audience understanding level that allows the listener to understand what is ultimately in the show and if it is worth listening too.

What is clear is the clear distinction between each element included in the programme as each one is separated by an audio cue and by an individual sound piece. Each one sounds convincing and generic to a radio show.

Having three presenters and using their voice creates an inviting tone and the voices of the presenters are warming and engaging. The use of music underneath also creates a cheerful vibe about the programme which is always important when attracting an audience.

Over all the trailer however short is paced and presented in the right manner, the trailer is also authentic and generic of a radio trailer. The music and tone of the piece create a good listening vibe and contributes towards audience engagement.

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