Gender Wars (2011) Analysis.

At the start of the brief it was devised that we had to make a broadcast standard format which fitted in the with broadcast law and a certain time constraint. We also discussed what were the main ingredients to making a successful format  programme. It is in this then I will decide whether the show failed and also some thought into my own opinion of the making of the programme.

1. A simple idea – ‘Gender Wars’ as a title seems a simple idea. You immediately understand that the gender’s male and female are against each other. Now you necessarily will not understand what the show contains but the thought is there. If we compare the title to formats like ‘deal or no deal’ ‘Golden Balls’ or ‘The Gadget Show’ the understand of what the show may contain is strong and simple. The shows concept as decibed by the presenters on ‘the game show which answers the age old question, who is better, men or women?’ its understandable and simple to follow in terms of audience understanding, its a programme in the simplest form.

2. A hook – the hook of the show was a about a global conundrum, a debate on-going since the incarnation of man. The fact that Gender Wars would put an end to that argument once and for all was enough to sell the programme. As this is the case I believe as programme it has a strong hook because of its global engagement.

3. Play-along-ability – Are you a male? Or are you a female? Or maybe both? Either way everyone has an opinion on who they want to win and everyone can get involved. Much like the hook the programme has a talking point and also a side. Through sport and competition in general, humans have always had a competitive edge and what better way to inspire competition than a great global divide?

4. Branding – I think throughout the set, graphics, and costume etc there is a lot of core branding involved with the porgramme and I am really pleased with how well that fits into the programme. I think especially the colours and the ‘stick men’ as it were are very fluid throughout the set, even the paddling pool that were used in the VT’s were colour coded. As a programme the baby pink and blue are quite a eye catching theme throughout the programme.

5.  Competition – I think this element is self explanatory through out with different battles and competition of skill and knowledge etc

6. A character – Many formats have great presenters as ‘the face’ of the programme and the list is to long to name them. I think Gender Wars has great likeable faces of the show, they are funny engaging and as team captains I think are great role models for their gender..!

7. Repeatable – Many programmes nowadays especially good formats run for several series. Programmes like Big Brother have run on way past 10 years of series. Unfortunately I can’t imagine our programme running on for that long! I think it could be, at best, have 6 episodes but unless it evolved into something new or had something different, wouldn’t go on that long as a repeatable format.

8. Transferability – Our programme would defiantly work over the globe, the idea of battles of gender is a universal fight and in some cases, some countries like Japan would really go to town with the idea and would certainly create some great improvements to the show! As mentioned before in an early post on the selling and buying of formats I think we could get away with putting the idea on the market certainly!

9. Spin-offs – Grandparent-wars anyone? I’m not so sure about spin-offs in that part but certainly with the evolution of social networks I think the technology is there to do things like this. Kinect for Xbox 360 would be a great way to test gender wars online perhaps? What I quite liked about gender wars was because of the global market it has and the reach that men vs woman would generate I defiantly think it could go further than television.

Overall then I believe we created a great show however generic it could be seen. In industry I would not know how well it would get on if I took it to talkback or endermol but it works, the programme we created is watchable and likeable as ‘bath water’ TV. On a personal level it’s also a lot better than what was created with the Net TV production.

During the edit stage I believe that some other titles which were made would have suited our show more than the one’s that were used in the final video. The titles that made the final edit I felt looked technically flawed and a bit cheap, the other graphics fitted the balanced theme more because of the colour scheme and use of the pink and blue stick men. After seeing it with music I felt that they worked just a well but I still  have my reserves.  Some other technical aspects I felt could have been improved but in industry that’s what we have to take, everyone has a preference but it’s what the director and producer say that in the end goes. The same goes with credits which look too rushed and end the show in a way that’s disappointing because of the effort prior to credits, again, not my job and you have to live with it.

As much as it is with all productions there are always plenty of ways of improving things in this case, technical but I think it’s turned out a lot better than I would have ever imagined.



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