Crane, gain, pain and the last ever studio recording

The dawn on the last ever studio session has come and gone. We have recorded to tape all the footage needed towards the final edit.

So after an early start it took us quite a while to make sure everything was in place and from a technical perspective I think we managed to pull through. Having thought that we wouldn’t need to use the jib it was decided that we would indeed use it. It was not a problem to use the jib again in fact I think I have learned to love that hunk of metal in the end. The idea behind using the jib again was to gain height with shots and add more dynamics to the piece which I felt was a great move by the director.

We had more technical problems with getting the feed though the gallery monitors which I think all involved with technical learned from. Problems again with getting the same quality of picture as the other studio cam’s also proved again, to be eating up time but with around six hours to play with I believe we had enough time… just.

The last thing shot during the day was the ‘flashback to last week’ part where we had to show the results of the previous week, I think we shot it well, if with plenty of hesitations and plenty of opinions! I even couldn’t resist getting some of my own opinions on how something was shot which led me to feel unsure if I was stepping over my role. I think I had this problem throughout of stepping over my role as camera op but if there was something clearly wrong I felt inclined too.

Overall today was a successful shoot but in terms of the edit I feel it will be a long day in the editing suite simply because of  the amount of footage, grading and graphics which need adding, which could eventually lead to a couple of days editing alone. It’s a long old process and like everything, has its moments, but that’s television.

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