VT Production 16/11/11 and 17/11/11

Looking back on the VT’s and taking something forward, it was all about preparation.

After an unsure start to the first shoot morning it was all about taking orders and sometimes relying on your own instincts at time to pull through. From booking the majority of the kit for the camera crew and getting it to location was about making sure that getting the momentum with the crew and leading a group of people to the right places at the right time.

Setting up went well but wasn’t brilliant and sometimes all that was needed was a clear, level head to sort out what was best for the crew. I felt like a did a good job on working on the technical things, either from using the cameras a lot or from a new-found knowledge, I felt like a had to step up and dive straight into the technical parts to both give confidence to people in this area and to learn myself because as a production crew filming in a busy location its embarrassing and unprofessional when no one knows what to do and who to follow.

At times during the shoot it got quite hectic and my plaudits go to the Director (Gee) for keeping calm, enthusiastic and demanding of what needed to be done. What’s great is that with all the production that needs to be done with this and other module’s it’s great to see someone who shows real dedication to the project.

Waiting around however did become a problem because of near by problems (which perhaps could have been solved easily) and things to do with production such as missing tools for props and also not having enough guests for the show itself. I understand these problems simply because of the sheer workload of the Director and to a small extent the Producer and as a camera op you can only do and say so much without taking over other people’s roles and becoming unpopular within the crew.

Eventually everything fell into place as does many student productions and we powered through all be it with a few editorial problems (we still struggled to understand the game!) and packed up and went back to capture the footage for editing at a later date.

There were many things in the shoot that I perhaps didn’t agree with, using equipment which wasn’t necessary, cutting up the VT instead of producing it in one but I’m just a camera op these things are not decided by be if we want to work as a democracy and looking at the raw footage I think it will make great TV if put together in the right formula.

The second VT shoot was very stressful on us all and I think it took a lot of character to get us through. Everyone did at least something to get the set finished and ready to go, albeit taking all of our studio time to set up. Once this was done I think however we only managed one take so hopefully it’s a good one! There were also a lot of problems even getting the one take as both a misunderstanding with the tapes and the jib failure led us to more problems, which if we had more time, perhaps could have been solved. We move on to next week where we will be concluding the studio session and what will be our last ever time in the studio.

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