Being Media Production: What I am Learning

Excuse the title, I don’t have too much trouble with the English Language, I just prefer it like that.

So what have I learn’t so far by doing production work, well several things:

Pre Production:

Do it well, do it right, do it early. I think this speaks for itself as a lot of time is always needed when preparing for production. Also, when involved with students it can become something which is overlooked too and can lead to positions of uncertainty come production stage and can leave your crew and actors in such a mess.

Think ahead. From Pre to Post, the thought of how things are going to happen logistically needs careful attention. If you have a good crew you can make this look easy, if not make sure it needs thought.

Always have back-ups. From actors, to location, editing, technical etc, things will always go wrong, make sure they ALL have support.

Have Permission. It helps massively in everything especially locations, without permission much can be rushed and can ruin hard work, with permission sometimes the pressure can be of and can lead  to a better all round production.

Share jobs and responsibilities. It makes sense that the workload is distributed evenly through the preparation stage  that way jobs can be done efficiently and also points to weaknesses within your team (if you haven’t spotted them already)

Storyboards. A big consideration and perhaps a must for professional production. This can help technically, creatively and wholly for your production. Later on this can help big time.


Team roles. Have production roles and stick to them; it works and looks professional, it creates the right tone throughout and let’s crew members really understand and respect their role within production.

Not everyone has to be involved. Not every crew member needs to turn up to the shoot, too may cooks spoil the broth and can also save costs too!

PLAN. A true reflection of your pre production this, from places and times to actors, transport and costs, EVERYTHING needs planning well. Obviously.

Post Production:

Not everyone needs to edit. You really only need an Editor and director to edit a film, like production, too many people = no no.

Colourist. Defiantly hire one, sometimes it helps if they aren’t involved massively with the production stage.

Give it time. Make time for editing and be patience with it; edit for wanting to edit, not just because you have to.

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