Looking Into New Visual/Cross Platform/TeleRadio

As I first thought a few weeks ago, I want to make a radio show and as much as the last post said it would not be possible ( and after much soul-searching), I’ve pretty much gone with the notion that it’s now or never and that if my idea of a new radio format works (or even if it doesn’t) it would be worth experimenting with it now.

As the title suggests I am working up something that may or may not have existed before, there is much media out there which does something similar but not quite what I want to make. The idea of bringing broadcast standard picture to a radio format could be classed in itself as television but it just isn’t. The idea of a standard format does not exist anymore, content is purely content and just because  it is shown on a television set doesn’t make it a TV programme, for when it is shown as a computer download only, does that make it a TV show? Does a ‘Vodcast’ shown on television make it still a Vodcast or is it a new television format? Answers on a postcard please.

To demonstrate how cross platforms have worked successfully in the not too distant past is of a podcast-come-successful animation programme which is one of the inspirations in wanting  to get involved with crossing boundaries and making something successful in the process:

The show itself demonstrates the uncanny way that one medium with a different approach can become a different form with different expecatations and a different audience simply by adding another layer to it.

Another example of cross-platform can be seen quite plainly here:

I have highlighted all the cross-platform media  just on this page and I must say that there is a lot. From journalism to social networking and adverting both still and video, there is a huge amount of what is becoming normal in our everyday, this is without even mentioning the radio itself!

So now we look  more closely at what I would like  to achieve with a new radio show in which can develop TeleRadio:

In the blank space is supposed to be web feed....technology eh?

It’s something that I find that when listening to radio I would also like something to watch too and these awful web cams just don’t  cut the mustard. Therefore if we think about TeleRadio in this sense we can see how this idea may work as new media content and although radio broadcasters are using these web cams, the quality and purpose could well be heightened to maximise  potential and become what could be the future of the radio genre, put simply: Evolutionary not Revolutionary 

And this whole notion is what I want to take with me and it baffles me to believe I am a little bit behind the game but making and experimenting with ‘TeleRadio’  is going to be worth the time.  As I  have also mentioned ‘experimenting’ might end up being the key word here because put simply I still don’t fully understand where the idea might go, it could end up as a podcast or a vodcast or it could end up as a typical TV programme, I simply don’t know and that’s why I think this is quite an exiting project to put forward.

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