The Dreaded Re-Think and Other Miscellaneous Ideas…

The way of the radio show...?

After some decent half-thought I have found myself in a little predicament. The idea of a radio show, no matter how good it sounds to me, does have some problems and niggles and after some careful thought I have realised that logistically creating a radio show may not actually work out so well…

Reason #1

I don’t actually know how to use the radio studio! And like many others I suspect we may have some trouble trying to put a radio programme together with little or next to no expertise with said equipment. Having said this there may be some alternatives like getting some ‘skills instructions’ with technical staff to learn how to use the equipment which with a dose of time and effort can achieve the technical knowledge on how to use the equipment functionally and proceed with the idea as best possible.

Reason #2

A radio show requires ‘jingles’ or adverts for it to become authentic which again I have no experience in creating or any knowledge where to start and I sense that in the time we have to make an artifact it simply wouldn’t be enough time to create and produce.

Reason #3

Time. After some debate with a fellow colleague it is said that this project may take a good deal of time to come up with brilliant content, production facilities, ironing out etc which may of course lead the project to be rushed or worse, rubbish. An although anything is possible I feel like with so much inexperience in radio it may not be as suitable as some other ideas out there.

Reason #4

Commitment to the cause. As producer of my own show I would like to think that I would indeed be dedicated to something that I would want to produce but as a big project I feel others may not want to be so keen on putting a good shift in and if that isn’t the case it may lead the whole project falling down which is true on any project but for something like this, to me, I wouldn’t want it to go to waste like that.  However, and this goes for all points, if there was a team who were eager to learn and maybe had some knowledge in radio this may not be such a bad idea however I feel that looking into other ideas may be much more effective.

This then leads me nicely on to ask the question: ‘what else you got?’. At the moment I’d like to say I have ideas each for different formats which have come up as solid basis to be worked upon. The problems I have come across are mainly logistically, that they would be deemed to ‘hard’ or to ‘difficult’ to make, but that’s what it is, all things can be done and if the idea(s) work, why the hell not?

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