Producing a TV show, plus updates!

Being just under 3 weeks to the final show I thought it was vital to express how far we are moving (simply because a lot changes so quickly in television) and also the underestimation of what is going on behind the scenes of the show to make it work.  I feel as producer its a role which takes a lot of the weight and more in a student project people may leave it to you to get on with things and although it may seem unfair I’m happy to do it.

Patience and acceptance

Producing a TV show as a group requires patience and acceptance not just of your own ideas but other people’s ideas and as a producer that doesn’t always happen, you have to work what you are given and to always do whats right for the show. Ultimately I have a vision for the show which is coming to life, not exactly how I want it because of finance and feasibility (or risk taking?) but taking a lot on board I feel I am heading the show in the right direction. Also working with students with varied ability make doing your job harder but more challenging which I think is good and rewarding.

Gaining communication

Being a producer I feel like I am gaining communication skills not just with other students but people outside and beyond the studio surroundings. I work with guests and musicians, and deliberate them accordingly and as best as what will fit the show, its sometimes hard work in making sure that it’s all pulling together but I’m happy that there are a fair few who are willing to help and put a shift in for the good of the project.


I found its also a very underestimated role and perhaps without it the show may have fallen apart which in all fairness may have brought people together a lot more instead of relying on one person. A lot of the team who have different roles may have not been as appreciative of the work load a producer has because it demands a look in at every aspect and when we get back to production people may be surprised to see different elements to the show.

So many different elements make up this show it’s pretty much a juggling experience and I will feel relieved when it all comes together finally in our live show but don’t get me wrong no matter how crazy and unpredictable the show gets, it to date has been really enjoyable…

Heres a quick clip of a producer, doesn’t say so much but her enjoys his job I guess…haha…:)

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