Chrome OS

During the first part of the module I explored some of the methods and deleveries that we can exploite when showcasing our material. I found this really important to focus on and really felt the need to make sure that everthing is geared towards online material. UGC is material created by ourselves which is often inspired by others and it works really well beacuse as we are finally seperating from the mianstream ways and now making yoursef known is more easier and more important then ever.

Being quite a tech geek I was really pleased when hearing our google’s new operating system which is a step forward from there web brower ‘Chrome’. The OS which will rival windows and mac OS will surely be something worth inversting in as the only thing it has running is the web browser. The web browser esentially controls the whole notebook (12″ notebook only; no PC) and creates a safe enviornment where in fact the only environment is the web. No word, no premiere pro, no media player just the web.

I wont go into the full spec but its seriously intresting to find that google have pretty much done what should have been done 5 years ago to ensure maximum speed when booting up and full wireless capabilities everywhere even when wirless networks arnt available, a topup style system ensures that it runs on 3G network; full internet covered.

This inovation snapped up by American Airlines and Virgin Atlantic to name a few is one of the first to make note of how technology is moving us even closer to a world of internet everywhere, cloud networking and total reliability on the intranet to do everything for us.

Here is confrence in which I basically watched the whole hour and a half:


Expect to see more of that all seeing orb in the next year, believe me, its taking over…

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