The Gadget Show and Attack of the Show: How they do it…

I am a massive fan of The Gadget show and hands down, would love to be a runner or anything on that show, so ideally I wanted to use them in my blog. This video is from the live shows and its amazing to see all the crew at work. Lots of  people involved and doing any show involves plenty of willing and able bodies to put a shift in.

Lots of roles in Production

Transport, teamsters, production managers, make-up, script producers, set designers, lighting, directors, AD’s to name a few are just some of the roles that were featured in the video which shows that there were a lot of places in which people committed enough work for and towards. It all looks amazingly exiting and clearly something I am aspiring towards.


I believe we have watched this video through our teachings but I’m going to show it again anyway. I feel quite connected with studio work. I feel when people know their own roles inside out and are comfortable in them (possible unlike student TV work…?) it obviously makes a better show . The way that everything is structured is brilliant and just the way it all comes together works really well. From what I could  tell in the video the use of a gallery and camera set up varies between different shows I really like their approach to styling and presenter flavor.

This last video is a little different. Their approach is something which I wanted to adopt into our show because it’s different and exiting and I think our audiences  would have really warmed to something new. None the less it’s a bit of a cheeky look at some of the backstage goings on in G4. enjoy.

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