Real world producers…!

Age doesn’t matter…?

I found this quite knowledgeable because she explains to main details about her job and more importantly what you need and how to get it.  Lynsey being 26 surprised me at her age, I felt being a TV producer this was quite young. Having the passion and commitment is probably one of the main reasons why she is probably where she is at that age.

What is interesting and quite relative to my role is the pro’s and con’s of the job. Being a TV producer is obviously quite difficult to get into and seems quite difficult when you’re in it too. As we all know the industry is competitive and I think as far as being a student is concerned I think its vital that I can start to get more experience in an as much as I can to move forward in the industry.


Personality is a big word, along with commitment and drive. I do believe I have these qualities which need to be sustained though work that I am doing both in university and outside of it too. Also its vital to take away that when aiming to get into the TV industry I should never give up and keep pushing and pushing as much as possible.

As far as the module is going in terms of making our broadcast item I feel it’s a privilege to be in charge of a big group this early in my learning as most people start of with running and researching or other ‘team’ roles and of course in smaller numbers! It obviously then lets me test myself early to see how i get on with the role and the pressures it adds.

‘Being Producer’

On the other hand I feel that I will not be as technically sound as the others in the more technical roles and as far the industry ladder goes perhaps being skilled in something would get you noticed more than someone with lesser technical skills. Although the drive I have for this role will not go unnoticed.

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