‘Keys’ – an outsiders view: The truthful analysis

When viewing the final video it feels kind of flat on face value but shows potential underneath. It has its good points and bad points but overall it seemed like it could have been a lot better than its final take.

In the opening shots although clever with its use of perspectives it suffers because of shaky camera work.  It feels that if a track could have been used for the shots it would have come across much more crisper in its end result and perhaps a little tentatively in pre-production eventually handicapped the final video.

More into the opening scene, the dialog seems too bland and overly conversational resulting in a rather average outcome. Perhaps again if in its pre production stage scripting could have been looked at a bit more before entering especially with the actors in place.

Just touching on the actors then, I feel that the male actor was not casted according to the script and the films intentions and that when watching it from an audience perspective it perceives the male character (Joe) to look quite young, too young in fact that he is eclipsed by the female role, which in the script treatment isn’t how it is stated.

As the storyline unfolds it follows the generic start-middle-end without any kind of twist to it although having a pivotal point in the plot. This then may suggest that it comes quite predictable in nature and lacks and real new excitement. I find this not the case as there are multiple outcomes in terms of how the story may end. Each of these outcomes would then have a different perspective and ultimately change the audience view of the piece and alter some kind of mind set in general. That’s what media essential is, mind control.

As we move more into the film there are nice perspective shots which really tell the story from a personal level and quite effectively I believe because it is quite an emotional piece which you really have to know the characters and their stance in this kind of scenario. Unfortunately we do not really get to grips which the character nature and therefore it seems quite quick and superficial.

Acting again in one scene (supposedly a contemplation scene) could have been technically improved and do not clearly show what emotional is trying to be shown, saying that the shots of the keys bring reference to the film but do not follow the script as such and has therefore changed the nature of the film.

The last scene I feel is put together quite nicely and the pacing between the two characters is done well. The film also ends nicely with a shot of the keys together (which is seen quite a lot in the film) which then suggests the films constant message about staying together, and promoting unity.

There is also a distinct lack of sound in the film which although may have been suggested by some doesn’t cause much issue in regard to the films narrative and overall flavour.

Overall then an enjoyable and engaging film with a quite solid narrative; perhaps this solidarity let the piece down in terms of creative-technical content.


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