Net TV: Intro thoughts…

Alright? So it’s getting late and it seems an aweful time to stick a blog post up but I’m going to.

Today we pitched and casted our roles for our TV show which actually went really well and on a brief note I’m really happy with the team and what we have got.

I can’t go through all the roles and my thoughts but glad to see myself (Producer) and Tom Barnes (Director) working pretty seamlessly in the first couple of hours. He seems to naturally remain fairly calm in most situations and even though we were only put in our roles some 13 hours ago (its now half 12) hes just got a good eye for the role.

Vision and PA look like they are going to fit in well and they look like people who will do the roles justice, only time will tell. Like I said I’m not going to go through all the roles but everything looks like we are gelling as a group and hopefully we can get a score on the board and get some content nailed down for the show which will go ‘live’ in 4 weeks time.

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