Creating a narrative – My research…

When coming up with ‘keys’ it took me a while to come up with the basic concept and as I didn’t want to make a horror or some sci-fi -psychological drama. I wanted to take a different route and come up with something different from all the script ideas I had been reading from everyone else. I went for the romantic drama because it was that ‘something’ different and I thought that the idea of a romance drama, however ‘mushy’ it sounded, could work quite well. It was a quite open genre and gave plenty of room for something creative.

‘Keys’ was originally based on a news article (which I simply cannot find anymore!)  about men feeling uncomfortable about their girlfriend or partners moving in together. I made another search on the topic and hundreds of searches came up so I knew this story was something that happened quite often. I therefore noted  a few things down which would make this story work including emotions on both sides, types of people and generally how my characters would fill out; this eventually spun together a workable idea.

Before and after writing the script I checked out the BBC film network which didn’t offer much that related to my ideas although I gained a lot from the network including plots, characters and themes which helped me progress.

Feeling a little disappointed about not finding many shorts of interest, something on TV would surely be the answer. It was. ‘Gavin and Stacey’ which has now finished it’s third series was my main motivation in writing and scripting, characters and the plot which was of course drafted in with the article I had read. I think the show was my model for most of the project because of it’s likability and similarity with what I was trying to make. Everything geared towards somehow making this in the same kind of framework as that show and then if my script went through to production I had a sense of where it was going.

The locations, the atmosphere, ‘the feel’ of the text then was my vision of a text which had it’s place on television, with the storyline it became a film which was geared to go on TV (maybe).

In the actual editing stage (where I am at currently) I am finding myself constantly referring to the show mainly for inspiration but the shots and pacing are techniques that I have tried to take from it as much as possible. I have, like most video work, tried to edit as clearly and as engaging as possible and hopefully it pays off.

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