Our documentary film…Reflection and Evaluation…


Overall then I felt that the module went fairly well and gave me a new dimension to consider when considering my future. Telling real life stories was quite exciting because it allowed me to show my enthusiasm for media production outside the bubble of university life, it also allowed me to showcase myself to people as someone who can help them if they wanted anything filming etc. Most importantly though it gave me more experience as a professional.


I picked up many lessons along the way such as law and ethics which although I had a small insight in, didn’t really understand them as much as I do know. From this I learnt that telling the truth and not faking anything is always best and that I should always make a film truthful and respect the story or person I am working on.

Amazing teamwork…

Team work is really important, working with Rebecca and Madelin on a day-to-day basis made the film more enjoyable to work with and they are now great friends of mine and I know that I can defiantly work with them in the future. Working with them helped me figure out myself too understanding my strengths and weaknesses. I believe I am a good team leader although I sometimes need the self believe to move it forward but more importantly I understand what it takes to be a good team player.

Processes of Production…

I have reinforced the processes of production in which I am continuing to reinforce pre-production, production and post-production as a way of making a film, TV show, adverts etc. This term I have also strengthened my post production skills in which I was desperate to improve on. Again having great people in your working environment helps to really improve yourself.

Getting it right…

Getting things right helps, but doing it right 1st time really helps, especially when filming people who have lives as well, still let them into your lives and they will let you into theirs. We are all people at the end of the day doing different things and as long as we get on and acknowledged each other things should turn out for the best.

Be creative…

One more thing, be creative, don’t let the walls of structure hold you back from making anything you want to make. Make for the love of making, not just for the sake of it. Perhaps something I have learnt towards the end of the module really and something which should be passed on in the future to not just me but to everyone. Next time when a project comes round I will try and remember to have fun with it and make everything my own.

As for the film…

I felt the film allowed people to see a SOCO in a different light, it allowed a job which people thought they knew to finally understand more about the role. People don’t really understand the family life of the job and because of that I think our film uncovered this uncertainty. What didn’t work for our film was that it felt very generic, it didn’t push itself too hard to break any conventions that may have been restricting it. It wasn’t until the last week when we premiered our rough cut did it really hit that what we had made was so 20 years ago. People don’t want to see this sit down interview crap anymore they want intriguing, exiting images which they haven’t seen before and I feel our piece let us down in that sense. Although we did try and break some of the interview up into a different way of showing it I guess it may have been too late to make massive changes but as I had said this is a learning curve.


I think what we should of done was gone out in our mind with an idea of making a film rather than focus on the interview because I feel that sometimes too much interview is old hat. I don’t want to see it and I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to see something else in this world. This leads my critical side to say that in some respects I feel disappointed that I didn’t spend the time experimenting with the film idea, I could have kicked myself for being so boring in my approach, maybe next time I will let loose the creative side and while I have the chance let myself go in terms of restrictions and generics etc.

Do not take this however as a job not so well done, I enjoyed every moment of it, it all helps and I have learnt and gained a lot in the process.

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