Googlemaps: Production, process and evaluation…FOR ASSESMENT

Here is the link to my Googlemap:

As you may have seen I have done a ‘mock’ video of the three little pigs story and to put the story into perspective I have made a google map to show where the video had taken place and where the killings took place.

The first part that I have captioned below is creating a map from ‘my maps’ which I have called it ‘pig hostage’…

Google maps

The next step was adding a location, Log House Resturant was the first, which as a log house would fit in with the three pig narrative…

The next location I would add on the map is ‘Straw house’ which simple came, although not as the story progresses, next on the map…

…this was then followed by brick house farm which would be the place that the hostage took place in the ‘brick house’…

I then added the camera crew location to show where the video is located in the real time news article… as you can see they appear at the side and then the markers were edited to the pin marker.

So as you can see this is my map interpretation of the ‘three little pig’ story. I found this program sometimes a little frustrating and had to keep referring to the video tutorial but I believe I have an understanding of the program now and am comfortable using it. It worked well obviously with the story but I don’t really think ‘my maps’ would be any use in real life so to speak. Googlemaps is defiantly a program with use and a I believe with use on mobile devices or online on a computer Googlemaps works really well. Obviously with route planning and place finding it is excellent at what it does and is a clean example of how society and technology is replacing things like paper maps. Of course with technology it is quite often to see failures with new technologies etc and with things like maps you can never replace the old paper method.

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