Distributed content II: Matilda goes Prezi…FOR ASSESMENT


This is the link to my second re-packaged content which is based around a fictional character me and a group made last year. First things first, I don’t like Prezi, well that’s quite harsh, as a tool it’s okay to use but I couldn’t see myself ever using it much again. As a web tool I think it’s quite a clever to use because it’s a nice alternative to PowerPoint presentations and when you present work the visual impact to your audience is quite refreshing and uplifting. New web tools help expand your amoury of skills you have in this world, not just socially but productively as well. They are there to help with creative solutions so while they are there they should be used and harnessed to the best of our abilities.

As a creative tool then I believe it can work but as a presentation tool ‘280 slides’ or ‘slide rocket’ (Both Google Chrome apps, check ‘um out) provide a more professional output for things like professional presentations which by the way, can be great helps for smaller businesses. The end results for Prezi are quite nice and perhaps I didn’t delve into it enough for me to see the best Prezi has to offer but certainly it was worth a go.

As for the piece itself I wanted to do a Prezi because it was something as a digitally literate individual I had to say I had tried. My other pieces are videos so giving a story on a different output showed that I am not just one dimensional and that as a modern media producer I can use these new methods of creation and distribution to full effect. Tools such as Prezi are newer to the older generation and having a wider knowledge of different lengths and breadths of newer tech and methods can provide great support to older businesses that I may encounter in the future who are not so digitally literate. I’m not saying they will necessarily want a Prezi but you get the idea.

As for Matilda, she is getting out there and this along with her Facebook in itself is creating her own online identity which as a false character is starting to sound stunningly real. All of her ideas came from brainstorming sessions which in turn started to adapt different methods of putting out there her own identity much like we are doing as of now…

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