SOCO: Unsung Heroes and the backbone of criminal justice..?

As production day is getting closer and closer I just wanted to add some research into the field we are about to absorb into.

When thinking about what a scene of crime officer is it is very easy to think straight away about the obvious enigma’s such as all the things you see in a CSI title sequence. What should really come to mind is that being a SOCO is a real life job and not that of TV fantasy. When these people go to work they go out and do this for a living, day in day out.

This video is a news report of an incident of crime in America. We see dozens of incidents like this both nationally and worldwide, we see the offenders go on trial and get convicted everyday, it is nothing new. The people behind the convictions, at the base of the evidence is people like Rachel Hughes, people who have to dig up this evidence everyday and for me it is people like her who do not get enough praise for what they do.

The crime scene in this video shows exactly the moving evidence that they have to go though as human beings and even just looking at that car in the video is distressing to me so I know for sure I could not go through that everyday. <-<-

This link is from a woman in the know who explains what you need to be a SOCO but more importantly who you need to be.  With newer and newer ways of getting involved she highlights that anyone with a little training can get started in being a crime scene officer but of course with degree’s in subjects like Biology and Chemistry it is a rewarding field to get into after graduation. The thing is I don’t feel and find that there are not enough videos that really show how it is to do the job on a personal level, most websites show content with formal invisible restrictions like we are not supposed to be seeing officers with their defenses down or to show any kind of affection. In the piece I feel then it would be a good idea if we try to show and knock down these walls that restrict us as the general society.

One television program which came to light was BBC drama ‘silent witness’ which although I haven’t watched may be worth watching in order to see how the strong female officer deals with this kind of role as I believe the program offers a lot of personal content in its storyline.

Overall I can say that I feel privileged to be interviewing someone with such a job as these people, in my eyes, are the real ones behind solving the crimes and helping bring justice to the people and what’s more is having someone who will express a side that we have not heard about before.

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  1. Ken Fero said:


    Watched the poetic eyes piece (with the sound!) and really liked it. The writing, pacing in the edit and treatment of images all worked well and the piece had some feeling to it which is great.

    SOCO looks like it is coming across well. Check out Thin Blue Line a documentary by E.Morris to see how he reconstructs crime in a visually expressionistic way.

    Overall you are engaging really well with the work so keep it up.



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