New ideas, new thoughts, all new!

So I’m just starting to think about my next project and as my last projects were sound based I really wanted to have a go at editing sounds and in particular my sound project from last year. Although I have the Sonic Sound Project that is crying out for some visual love I had a thought about having another go behind the bushes with the audio drama that I have recently transformed.

I have ideas for something visual but I came across some videos made by  Michael DeMirjian an all round producer, writer, director etc who has kinda inspired me as a producer to have a go at something that I have always wanted to do in mashin’ up sound bites and make them into something enjoyable. Taking inspiration from Viral genius ‘Cassetteboy’ I had a go at mashin’ up my audio drama to no avail. First thoughts were that the breadth and scale of the audio  might not be sufficient  but theres always tomorrow on that.

So back to the Michael DeMirjian who’s video are another great way to make fantastic audio for a diffrent purpose and for a diffrent audience reaction. Here is the link to his videos on Vimeo (which I will change to imbeded videos when I can remember how)

These videos are brilliantly enjoyable and show a different way that I can and want to approach sound depending if I will/can go through with it. Now the NFL season is over I think the application and context of the videos are sublime  and the reason why UGC has some golden moments from the crap that’s out there. I think for me taking anything from this is that I need to be very selective with the background tune because it is very important to have that fundamental overlay so that you can start mixing in your custom sounds.   Be sure to check out the rest of his stuff because it is amazing, they are only short so watch them all.


Matilda in the Station – Here is the Link to the Audio Drama that I gave visual to just for a bit of comparison, I had to change from three characters to two because Xtranormal only works with one or two characters. Enjoy.


tumblr_lgqvkuZPFg1qfoebi.gif (500×210) Here’s a nice Gif I found to celebrate Arsenal FC’s win against Barcelona FC. Also enjoy.

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