Drama short: Production Stage

I have now, along with the production crew, completed the production stages of the short and are now in line to capture the footage and begin editing the footage with well over a month to go before hand in.

First after impressions?

I thought that the production went as well as I thought it would although I think it could have been more well prepared and more technically proficiant but as it was my first real attempt as producing a short film I believe I am mostly happy about how well it went.

Did anything go wrong during production?

I think because we lacked a real solid plan the production stages ended up being, at times, guess work. Not that we didn’t have a clear idea it just came to some re-thinking of ideas and suggestions but as group meetings were hit and miss before filming a lot of views crossed and caused some complications. Also some of the equipment let us down, whether this was sue to inexperience or faulty equipment I don’t know but as a group we held it together.

Thoughts on the production crew and cast?

I thought as a group we were really well rounded and that all weaknesses and strengths were covered quite nicely on the day. Experience was the watch word as a lot of the crew had never held a camera or a microphone before so in that sense we were thrown into the deep end. I had used the cameras several times before so I tried to direct the shots but it was a group film so with a little guidance I gave the camera crew a little slack in terms of what they wanted to shoot – perhaps this may prove fatal when looking at the footage.  As for the cast I was really pleased with what i saw, the guys made a real shift of it and were really patient when we needed some time. They helped with some dialog and stage direction which was a big bonus.  Also they were happy to help again, brilliant.

If you had to do it again, what would you improve?

Doing things like storyboards and shot lists would have helped decided what we wanted it to look like but the inconsistence meeting times and group turnouts left the storyboards to rough notes about what we wanted in front of camera. Technically camera shots and framing may have helped it look better but again experience should rectify that in future projects. Overall I felt that if 70% should be the time spent in pre-production I believe we put 40% into that but we are learning.

Did your script go to plan?

Yes I think so, perhaps the middle bit got a little edgy but it terms of following it progressively we made sure that it flowed well.

Lastly, thoughts on the editing stage?

Obviously this is where the marks are so it has to be done properly and with the amount of time we have it should give enough time and space to edit it properly and really put our minds on it. This is also individual so you are on your own and it’s all your own work which is a nice touch of pressure to be professional about it. I also just have to make sure I log my thoughts on the choices and selections I make with it. Fingers crossed everything captures okay, I’ve heard that one group had failed at that stage.

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