Documentary Treatment…

This three minute documentary is based around one man’s love for the arts: both poetry and comedy. This documentary is here to tell the world about his passion and why he enjoys it so much in a heart warming, personal and accurate manor. Dei ap’dafydd is the main character with his story revolving around how he began his love affair with writing and moving up to do national festivals, getting his book published and where his writing is leading him now. The documentary will also include his wife who together has recently celebrated their fortieth anniversary.

As mentioned the mood of the piece will be heart warming and light hearted allowing the audience to connect on a personal level with the character and his story. The pacing will be quite steady as the story unfolds at a pleasant and poetic pace maximising the visuals and the aesthetic of the story. As for the visuals themselves there will be different locations from outside in his garden to inside shots where he writes his work. There will also be shots of his awards incorporated with Dai talking about the awards and their significance to him.

The documentary will be shot in an interview style format and will also contain a brief narration over the top but still trying to keep that personal feel throughout.

Secondary research will be included into the film showing stills of the festivals that he has been involved with as well as images of personal inspirations that he has looked up to both in the arts and of his family.

I think this documentary is suitable for anyone interested in the arts and people that want to understand and acknowledge peoples passions no matter what it is.

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