Branding and The Banner…FOR ASSESMENT

A good idea I think, branding. Branding as seen everywhere creates identity for sales and profit in the retail industry. It creates mental signs and signifiers which respond in the brain to say what is good, what is bad, who is reliable and who is a rip off; branding tells a story to the world. When we see the sign of a certain club or pub we access our mental vault and we understand what it is and who they are.  Branding also recognises and creates a lifestyle; it creates who we are not just as individuals but as a collective society.

In the digital world it is understandable that the above ideas of branding are true in the online world. Online material is just like the ‘real’ world in that we all walk or surf around therefore we can presume that branding has the same effects as it does in the local shopping centre.  With this in mind then it is not only online retailers that need to benefit from branding but businesses, independents and people like myself trying to get their name out there.

As you can see at the top of my blog I have created my own custom header as a way that I can make my own work more visually appealing and try to show that my blog and my work is trying to get out there and become of place in the real world.

When considering my design I thought about the layout, colour scheme and most importantly what was going to be placed to reflect me as a person. Two of the obvious choices were to have my name and who/what I am. As a media production student it was vital to get that out without it seeming too ‘studenty’. In the real world I am a media producer, I create objects of interest therefore it was vital that this was placed into my header at the forefront of my blog.

As a producer I know that rigour, organisation and thought are important so I made a little subheading defining the important aspects of what I do.

On the whole I feel that my custom header is professional and perfect for my blog as it now shows more in a small space than perhaps a 5 minute glance at the content would ever do. I feel that it shows my own online brand and exactly what I am about.

As for the colour scheme and the use of white overlapping the grey…if you can’t read it straight away, use your brain for once and take a closer look!

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  1. Rumena said:

    Hi, I thought I could add some comments on your branding and overall blog design decisions. If you don’t want it, you could simply ignore it, but I felt like sharig it with you 🙂

    I am a typography freak, and as such, I couldn’t miss that you’re using fonts from TypeKit on the blog, as well as other fonts in the new header banner. The problem is, however, that this way the total number of fonts used on every single page is a bit too much, designwise.
    As a rule of thumb, it is best to mix no more than two font families on the same page – if you use more, it makes the design and branding less ‘consistent’, which I doubt was what you intended.

    Web typography is pretty much hell, with only 6-7 fonts widely available, but since you’re using TypeKit, you could try and stick to fonts available there, in order to achieve a more ‘consistent’ look.

    That is, of course, if you are a font freak like me – most people wouldn’t even notice what’s going on, and as long as the text is legible, they wouldn’t mind any font choice you, or anyone, makes.

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