Character Possibilities…

Possibly one of the harder tasks of the year has now come full circle and as it stands I feel I have made little progress. As asked it was my task to find a person or people who are worthy enough to tell their story in a short factual documentary.

When given the task I felt uneasy about simply walking up to people and asking ‘if they have a story’. I feel that these methods are not right for me to accomplish and as a result I searched for alternate methods. I have looked though national and local newspapers obviously having more look in the local paper but still finding news rather than stories. I have tried and exhausted and found that again news not stories applies here and also much opinion which doesn’t really help what I am looking for.

One of the newer modes of communication that I decided to try was forums. As a user of a forum already I found this mode of communication quite effective at getting across messages and ultimately connecting with people. After a week of waiting for a reply sent out from several of my own posts I eventually got one reply.

The reply I got back was from a man in his mid thirties telling me he had a hobby as a cross-dresser. I wasn’t quite sure if he was deadly serious or whether it was some kind of wind up. Simply because of the quality of story I have chosen not to follow this lead.

Amazing or truly awful...?

One of the hardest setbacks I have in this task is that I come from a smaller family which hasn’t really done anything of significance. A lot of my fellow students have a wider social group which significantly has its benefits here. On the plus side I have made small progress in finding an individual with not just one but several interesting stories. The lead is not exactly set in stone but I found him through a friend.

He is currently retired from work having been working for the military as military dog trainer. As he lived so close to the RAF base in Aberporth, Wales at the time it seemed a logical career for him.  On the side he has wrote several Welsh novels which include both poetry and comedy. As mentioned above he now retired but still does on and off farming work for the local countryside with his wife of 40 years.

Dai and Me..

Currently I feel undecided about what stance I could take for a brief documentary about him and still feel that maybe 3 minutes seems a little short to fit so much in!

  1. Rumena said:

    So what happened to the crossdresser? He reminds me of the character in the book (or film, if you’ve seen it) ‘Birdy’, and it seems he is willing to tell his story – did you follow up? 🙂

    • daaan14 said:

      Well this guy could have been anyone, anywhere as opposed to the story that I chose to go through with to this stage. I actually got another story but felt that the progression I have made with this one accelerated quicker than the others..

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