Sonic Sound Project…the task, suggestions and feedback…

The Task…

The second project that has been given for our module is for us to create sonic sound piece. In this piece we must effectively create an artefact that is purely sound based.  For this task we must ‘engage with our environment on a sonic level with the places and spaces we have come to know over the past few months’

The task specifies that we must be professional with our recording and judge the right amount of time for both production and more importantly, editing.

We should also before creating, think about the sounds we are going to use and understand as a group where and what the sound is going to be, defining a clear process of production.


The ideas and suggestions that our group put forward was that we could create sound with a musical structure. The reason this was originally put forward is that half of the group have a musical background and that essentially creating a musically structured artefact would be much easier for some of the members of the group. The other half of the group were happy with this as long as everyone in the group contributed fairly to the ideas. As a group it is vital that we all contribute fairly with ideas and suggestions. We also considered looking at ‘the sounds of..’ which was things like cities and laughter which however we thought was already going to be done by other groups.

On pitching day we had to pitch our ideas to our peers for feedback. The idea we went for then was our musical masterpiece which was supported by an idea me and one of the members of a group found interesting in a lecture the day before. The idea came about by looking at pieces of music which was influenced by minimalism of which music was fused by smaller samples of sound put together in a creative, never before seen way. Our idea was also influenced by taking sound of of context, for example outside sounds heard as inside like nature heard in headphones.


The feedback we received was generally positive  (again, not that its bad getting positive but people don’t say what could be better) and that our idea had potential. This was good news because we knew that was going the right way and like some of the other groups it wasn’t original. Although personally I didn’t think the idea was original because a lecturer had mentioned it before but now I thought if we could change it, or give it a different approach then we could pull it off.

What was key then from the feedback was that we should be creative with the piece and generally have fun with sound. Each sound is always a new sound so make full advantage with everything available. Also make sure that we have the right sounds as the brief states and that we give time for editing. Be original: as media producers we should think about defining our work and doing something new, exiting and different is one of the ways in this project that we can do this.



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