Matilda goes audio…Production and Conclusion..

We now have our audio drama piece completed. With 9 days to go before hand in day our audio drama we believe is complete which is brilliant for all of us.

Production day went really well as we got our actor and actress in to do their roles. Although we did have a bit of a problem having one of our supposed actors not turning up, we filled in one of the roles ourselves and he did a good job of it. We eventually did 9 takes to try and get it to the best of our ability and it paid off quite well. The actors had rehearsed their roles and even had input into the project which was brilliant to see because it showed that they really cared about a project which wasn’t their own – amazing. I was really happy that they were patient in allowing us to check what we had and to setup, although we did setup mostly before they got there.

We have now just put finishing touches to the audio by editing the sound levels and replacing some of the bits we didn’t need for some of the better takes. As for the sound effects we like to think the things we added into the live take did the job as they were as good as the sound effects and perhaps had exactly what we wanted in it sound wise.

Now as the piece is finished I thought it would be worthwhile to go over the brief and check if we did what the brief said to do.

  • Yes, our piece was an audio recording
  • Yes it was an incident from our characters life
  • Yes I believe it was a drama piece, it created drama and built up dramatically
  • Yes it was between 1-3 minutes
  • Yes we teamed up with drama students
  • We wrote a script collaboratively
  • We had a time, place and location
  • We considered and used sounds
  • We took still photos to go with our drama

As a project then I believe we did all the right things asked to do for the assignment. As an individual I have really enjoyed doing this project and have enjoyed working with some great people in the process. I have also noted that the drama students aren’t bad people to work with at all and I have even made a working relationship with the actress so if I ever need to recall on her for future projects I know that she is willing to work with me.

I have also realised that sound and scripting is very important in production and my pre-conceptions of sound not being as important have gone out the window. I have also learnt the value of the audio and some of the techniques used in making sure that sound recording is accomplished properly and professionally.

For the next project I will try to take what I have learnt in this project and apply what I have learnt into the next and care on this learning throughout my career.



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