Matilda goes audio…Pre Production feedback…

It has been nearly a week since we have received our initial feedback on our audio drama idea, it has been another testing but enjoyable week in doing this project. Although members of the group have been hit and miss in terms of turning up to group work, I feel that as a group we have all played a part in moving the project forward, although sadly all of our hard work this week didn’t quite pay off.

Last week in feedback we were told that the research we had done on the project wasn’t quite sufficient enough to make the drama compete in the real world. The term contextuality is one of the main aspects of being a professional, which requires us to make sure our work fits in with what’s already out there in the real world; making sure our work doesn’t drop standards from other material and that we are constantly analysing material which relate to our own. Contextual research is required a lot in this project because there is so much that could go wrong and we could end up missing a trick in our produce. What we have been looking at for our project is to make our audio sound as realistic as possible,and cater for authenicity rather than add sound effects and items which don’t really fit the bill. As an audio drama then our group must strive to find that sense of realism and balance the drama element and above all make sure it belongs.

This week we have put the finishing touches to our audio script which took a lot of thought to come up with a product which had drama and realism in it. The script had to be well rehearsed by our actors and actress and required time for them to get to know the script before recording. It has took us a couple of days to produce the script hence why we have failed to produce any audio. This is failure is simply down to perhaps organisation and timing which although I still feel comfortable about, still could have been improved. As first years we are there to test out our failings and to rectify them and pin point where we are going wrong, obviously organising time efficiently and time awareness is our problem here but given as the task is not sue for another couple of weeks now, we still have time to make our project great, although we have another task starting tomorrow which could throw an awkward spanner in the works.

Other project groups I am pleased to say, are not at the required standard yet either, some more worse of than ours. As media producers we must all start to become professionals and some will become professionals more quickly than others which is fine as long as we all get there. For these other groups they all really need to start making the most of what they have because sooner or later these opportunities  will go away and leave you with nothing. Last year doing a media writing and culture course I didn’t expect by the end of the academic year that I would have been a presenter on a student TV show and then had the opportunity to work in a radio show, it just happened and since then I am a different academic person than I was before that. I took chances that I had and learnt as much as I could and took it with me. With this project then we must all make good use of it while it’s there and be the best we can in our production.

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