Script at the treatment table…

Although I have never written a script before the idea of a treatment makes sense however difficult actually writing the script is. The treatment works because it simple does the work for you in the next stage. When I eventually get to the next stage I have a clear idea of where my script is going to go. The story is only three minutes long so my idea was to be kept simple and followable.

Joseph Howard is a young man who lives in his own downtown apartment living on his own income and is enjoying the life of a bachelor all by himself. His apartment is very clean and neat as Joseph is a very organized individual ensuring all his personal belongings remains right where he places them. Its because of this anal nature Joseph has never really connected with anyone and even the idea of an intimate relationship has become mealy a distant thought to him. Until now however Joseph has finally got round to getting on the dating scene and has recently started dating a nice attractive young lady Sophie, who as a bright wild spark has really started to get into Joe’s life and turn him into something her never thought he would become. Lucky enough for Sophie she has become one of the few, if any, Joe has let borrow the spare key and ultimately have access to Joseph’s beloved bachelor pad.


Joseph’s flat is a modern place and is now a new home for his new girlfriend. We hear a bang of a door and see a female put a key in a small wicker basket followed eventually by a male character who also puts a key into the basket. We see a shot of the basket with the two keys together with two separate tags on each of them, “JOSEPH” and the other “Sophie :)” They are a couple seemingly in love.

The next day we are welcomed to Joseph and Sophie discussing the day’s activities as they both prepare for the day’s working events. Sophie talks about moving in full time with Joe but Joe doesn’t seem so keen on the idea. She asks why this is and Joe tells her that he might not be ready to take that next big step in the relationship. Sophie feels frustrated by this and the anger and tension between them both seems like it’s building up, Joseph quickly reassures her that she will eventually move in.  Sophie, late for work, walks to the door with him following her closely looking at the mess his once beautiful kingdom has become. She carries on talking about the state of the relationship but he isn’t listening, still concentrating on what belongings are his and what are most certainly not. They get to the door he picks up his keys and they bustle out the door, Sophie storms of one way and he locks up and goes the other. Sophie’s key  is mistakenly left behind.


After a busy day at work Joe comes home, takes a look at his apartment, admiring his castle, his kingdom, his safety, as unlocks the door, locking it up again when he gets inside. He takes a long look around his house and of a picture of him and Sophie together, the shot is long and admirable. He walks round his front room moving thing’s about and re-arranging them into their proper placements, taking care at where he puts them, smiling to himself in gratitude as he admires his work.


After tidying his things, Joseph sits down and looks blankly out the window at the rain, heavy and unsettled on his window. Joseph suddenly hears a loud thudding on what seems to be coming from his own front door, Joe rushes frantically to the door and hears a woman screaming from outside. The screams sound familiar and fresh in his memory, “Joseph!” she screams, “Joe! are you in!” she screams again. The familiar voice is recognized as Sophie and he walks to open the door but he hesitates as he takes her key out of the basket. He takes a look around his apartment remembering what it was like on his own again as the sounds of the knocking get louder. Joe grasps her key and looks down at his own in the basket, again on it’s own. His gaze focuses on the framed picture of him and Sophie. Joseph pauses for a second and a wave of realization hits him, he places the key into the door and opens it to reveal the younger woman relived to see him. He takes her hand and they rejoice happy to see each other once more.

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