Matilda goes audio…The idea…

According to the step-by-step guide we should be coming up with quite a few ideas on how to present Matilda’s audio drama but as a group we have already got an idea which we are happy to take to the floor and to expand on for our assignment. The idea was already something which was highlighted when coming up with Matilda anyway so we always felt that this was going to come up and be a major part in her life.

The idea span from Matilda’s life at the age of 17/18 years old (now 21) when her personal life went of the rails. Usually quite a reserved, polite girl this was an act that she felt quite let down by afterwards and quite possibly felt during as well.

The incident took place during one night after finding out her families sandwich shop in Brighton has been loosing money to a rival sandwich shop in town. Feeling down on herself and her family she decided to take action and vandalise the rival shop which ultimately left her in the hands of the local police authorities. The audio drama takes place at an interview between two policemen and Matilda as they interrogate her.

This is the main idea which we have and thus has lead to use finding our actors and actresses. The dilemma of finding our actors and actresses has however started to look up although not complete. We have found our two policeman during a casting pitch although as it stands, we have yet to find our Matilda. Early on next week we will continue the search for our Matilda and focus on researching how to proceed with our drama project.

The hope for this week then is to ensure that we have all three members of our cast on board and willing to see the project through, research the way to set up the interview, different ways of presenting the interview and then and only then try and put a script together. Hopefully we will have all this done for our pitch on Friday morning.

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