It Lives!…finally a Script idea…

After weeks of deliberation I have finally come up with a script idea which I am happy to write and hopefully produce next term. Why I have spent so long coming up with a concept may be befalling to some but to me well thought out ideas always work out best.

The 1st hurdle that I came across was the premises that I was given, for anyone who doesn’t know what they are, here’s a reminder:

A: There is a hammering on a door; it opens to reveal a dishevelled breathless person, why? How did they get this way…

B: There is a hammering on a door, why? Dare the door be opened? If so what is revealed…

The problem with these is that they are, at first glance, 1 dimensional, they both scream horror, thriller or horror/thriller. I didn’t feel that these genres should be used as they are used by students time and time again and if these scripts have to picked surely something different would stand out from all the horror’s out there. It is noted by many lecturers that these genres are exhausted so much and the techniques become so cliché and tacky. So naturally I had to take a couple of steps back and look at existing work and the premises again…

I looked at the BBC film network and there short films which were around 3-4 minutes long and some which were much longer and realised that if my script was to be made it would need key elements which would have to be reflected in the script. From what I found my script had to be effective and essentially tell and story worth telling. There is no good the script not telling something different and worth the watch. Next the narrative had to be told and presented well enough for the audience to get what you are trying to tell especially in such a short time period.  Characters were also a part that needs to look and feel professional, usually these short’s only need 1, 2 or 3 characters to tell a story; the more you add the more complicated your short gets. Technically I also found the more simplified the production was the easier it is to understand, obviously the short shouldn’t skip out on technical quality, it just needs to be done with minimal fuss with maximum gain.

After watching these short’s and picking out what needs to be reflecting in the script I started playing around with ideas and the 2 premises. I also took note from a previous lecture about getting ideas and decided to look out for inspiration for my script; eventually I found an article which gave me inspiration for the idea. I won’t go into detail just yet but I will say that looking at the premises from a different angle makes you re-evaluate your ideas in a better fashion. Like I said, a well thought out idea goes a long way.

So as mentioned my pitch and outline are as followed:

‘When an intruder steps into another man’s field, does he stand back or stand his ground?’

JOSPEPH is a respectful bachelor who lives in his own well paid for apartment in a downtown city location. He has lived here for 10 years and has enjoyed living in the peace and quiet of his own presence. Until only recently JOSEPH has started dating but has never feel in love seriously enough to let his partner’s have access to his house whenever they choose. SOPHIE is his new love interest and after a few months dating Joseph has reluctantly let Sophie have the spare key he has never seen fitting to give to anyone before. One day before going of to work Sophie forgets her key and comes home to find the door locked. She knocks on the door repeatedly so Joseph will hear her knocking outside. Joseph goes to the door and notices that Sophie is locked out. Will Joseph leave her outside and go back to his solitude ways, back to his confinement with just himself or will he finally let go and accept his new love and ultimately his new life?

In reflection to this I think that this concept will work simply down to a few main points. Firstly my idea is realistic in its content and the notion that the short can be made without overdoing locations and crew etc. One of the main problems I found was I couldn’t picture my own idea’s being made; a lot of students overestimate their production and its feasibility. Although the task is to write a script, I want my film to be made into something, if I can’t see it being produced then I wouldn’t write it. When looking at other student pitches I felt that maybe a few could be actually produced and therefore I wouldn’t be happy if that was my own work.

Secondly I feel I can develop the characters especially Joseph because the article I found, and there were similar, gave me a sense of Joseph’s biography already. I will soon put up a character bio so you can read into Joseph’s character as well as Sophie’s.  I think the other modules I have been doing also have really helped me when it comes to creating a character especially with Matilda Green, my Cabinet character.

Thirdly, the plot is feasible, it’s a story worth telling and when it gets made (fingers crossed) what I expect will come to life for all to understand. The story has real life application in terms of life issues and relate ability after all the story comes from a news article that I have found so the plot has credibility which I am happy about.

And just for the record, I chose premise A…

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