Media Audiences and the effect of the text…

When analysing media texts one of the key items we look at is the texts effect on its audience. We have to take a step back and look objectively at the text and see what effect it could possibly have on the people who are subjected to it. For some industries such as advertising the text’s influence is key to the succession of the the product and thus the intended meaning.   An advert must fundamentally stick and hold it’s idea and place the  product into the mind of the audience on the receiving end. In relation to this advert below I would say I agree with the idea that the concepts of the advert do indeed put the message into the heads of the people reading the advert. I do not however think that the audience is ‘vulnerable’ to every advert at all. I think yes the advert will work in a sense that the ideas will be received by the audience but after that the process of thought beyond that is very unclear.

When we see different forms of media aside from adverts we take them on in very different ways, many factors play vast roles in our mind’s workings. When we hear a piece of music for example, some may like it, some may not, the reason can be many things. My cause for disagreement is not one sided, the coin plays both ways. For example when I say that audiences are constantly active their are easy contradictions like how ideas of individualism fit but collectively we all (students) have the same kind of things, the same kinds of media. This debate then leads on to defining the boundaries and limitations of what it is to be active, and that goes of the point.

Going back then to my ad I find the advert really exiting and it visually draws me in. It has genre’s which are interesting and appealing to me as an individual. For example the whole action style scene with the beautiful woman and the flash auto mobiles make me want to watch and take notice of what it’s trying to sell me, in this case it’s a HD sports channel which of course was always going to be a head turner; so the advert does it’s job.  The next question was is this negative? Does the advert generate an outer-image of passive, negative audiences? Does this advert make audiences sponges who soak up material? The answer is yes with an if, no with a but..

I can agree with the ‘Uses and Gratification Model’, the active model in which we decide if we can make use with the text and its meaning or not. With advertising I think that we can see this in action quite regularly. In advertising we therefore have audience targeting where our adverts aim to cater for its intended audience.  The intended audience in this advert is a sports fanatic like myself. Therefore I engage in the advert making me active but then to include ‘The Hypodermic Model’ I become passive and soak up the adverts meaning. Is this negative because I’m engaging with the advert? I think the debate is too engaging to come up with a singular answer because there are other factors that need to be taken into consideration when understanding the idea that the ideas of negativity are true. For example audience preference and audience reaction to name a few go beyond simple surface action. Factors like these help determine the real cause and effect of advertising.

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