A letter to myself.

‘How can you start walking when your feet are in a transfixed spiriting motion?’ Confused? Because I am.

Hello my name is Daniel Atkinson and my life is moving too fast and yet I feel like I haven’t got up and left the house. God, help me.  As I look in the mirror I see a fine, well groomed specimen with the world as his ouster and yet if you were actually me then you would know that beyond the fine aesthetic appeal you are a troubled young boy who is hoping when his receiving letter comes back will he  then know only a fraction more of his life than he actually understands as present.

The thing with you Daniel is you are stuck in a rut with a bucket of potential and a plastic spoon. I’m not going to be harsh on you but this year promise me that you will do everything in your power to right the faults and niggles you have to be a far greater person than you had ever imagined.

First things first and get confidence stupid! How many times have you sat there and thought ‘damn I wish I had the confidence to do that’ or ‘wow I really want to do this but…’ hmmm? It’s time to start doing things out of your comfort zone and take it like a man. Your never going to get anywhere without putting yourself out there Daniel, so do it!

Secondly, grow a winning mentality! Grind out a result and make sure that you finish everything always and don’t back out when the going gets tough. How many times have you bear witness to giving up on everything when a hurdle is put in place? Next time when someone gives you lemons, you got to make lemonade.

Now hopefully when you come back to me you tell me how much you’ve changed from what you are today and as of when you step into Ellen Terry as a 1st year and not a friend of a 1st year this time you will become an evolution of what you are now. Promise me? Fingers crossed? Are they crossed? No? Typical.

So what are you dreams now Daniel? What are you going to tell me? At the moment you hope that with this degree you will have everything you need to fit in the industry because that’s what you want, a job in the industry. To elaborate you want a career in sports coverage, you want to be on camera, you want to be off camera, and you want to do anything as long as you follow sports. To be honest you quite like that dream and I do hope when you write back its good news and that dream is well and truly still alive and not a childhood fantasy.

I wonder if the course is what you really wanted too, I hope when you have finished you will be really happy with what you have learnt and that you are earning for more next year. I hope you also have gained those Holy Grail technical skills that you so longingly crave. I know you’re a very organised individual who benefits from organisation, preparation and execution but you need to make sure that when you come back to me you have tasted more hands on production, and after all that’s what the course is about, right?

One last dream you hope to fulfil is to learn a second language one which doesn’t end up down the pan *cough* ‘French’ *cough* as this will be greatly needed for when your career path finally turns abroad and you future retirement on the Spanish Costa’s.

Buena suerte Daniel,


  1. Rumena said:

    I love your writing!

    Went through some of your posts, cool Titles too 🙂

    Best of luck!
    ~a fellow Media Production soul.

    • daaan14 said:


      I must also say that I have been monitoring your blog also and to be honest, you have the best blog around! More people should have blog’s like yours, keep it up!

      • Rumena said:

        But a blog isn’t really a good one if it doesn’t have any comments.. I am guilty of not commenting on other people’s blogs too, and starting here, I’m going to change that!

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