Gabinete de curiosidades

For all those who don’t understand the title this is my Cabinet of Curiosities and for all those who do understand, Bienvenido!

My name is Daniel Jason Atkinson, I’m a Leo and I was raised in a small town in Lincolnshire. This is enough for you to start to get to know me but if you are wanting to know more about my like’s, dislikes and inspirations, take a look…


The Emirates Stadium, London


Okay so the first thing I’d tell you is I’m a big Arsenal FC fan. Yes I know football, boring, boring football, how bloody unprofessional but this is me, I’m passionate about my team but I don’t just see this as football, I see it as an industry a business and its something I would love to be a part of it in fact anything involving sports broadcasting is where I would love to be!

As for the images, this is my own photography captured when I visited the stadium in August 2010. This advert below to me sum’s up everything that I enjoy, its such a good advert its an inspiration. It shows everything that I want to be involved with. Whether its on camera work, off camera work or even editing the footage, its all a big interest. When I watch the advert it fills me with dreams of this kind of future.

The following advert again fills me with excitement as I hope one day I can say that I was involved with that sort of production. I love the technical effects in the advert, it oozes professionalism and the way it blends genre’s to create such a dynamic advert. This advert is promotional for Sky Sports, it makes it look exiting and new even though its just a bit of a re brand. Its a high budget piece of advertising but as a promotion for a big company it needs to look effective.

As you may well have noticed the title of this post was indeed in Portuguese . I chose Portuguese because I am a learner of the language and to which I hope I can grasp the language to the best of my abilities plus it also helps when pitching yourself to future businesses.  Another reason I chose this is because I am hoping one day to take my career abroad or be involved with sports abroad. However this does seem such a tall order but its always good to have a dream or goal to aim for. The title sequence used here is used for a English reflection on Spanish  football as you can see it shows vast amounts of Spanish iconography which I like.

This next video clip is something which I was really happy to be involved with. I was part of a team which made our own television show.  I had never done anything like this before and this was perhaps my first bit of real media, well which I was happy with anyway. I hope that this year I can improve on this and be part of something else which is both enjoyable and productive.

There is so much media that I feel complied to like (thank you facebook) and quite frankly there is a lot of media I enjoy. Television is a media which I enjoy consuming all be it only a few shows which I make sure I do watch. It’s funny really because there is so much television, so many programmes available which go unwatched that it seems totally outrageous that these shows are still being made. I don’t think anything makes ‘quality’ television any more, people watch what they want to watch, television highlights the diversity of audiences nowadays. Anyway here’s an extract of what television I consume.

American Television is something that I don’t actively seek out in fact a lot of television I watch whatever country of origin I feel I don’t seek at all. Media as far as I’m aware lies in a state of passiveness and only when we truly seek out other media does it become active in our life only to later on become part of our passive rigour again.

24 is a show which I am really interested in, the shows narrative was one of the first of its kind that I bare witness too. Across the boarder ‘the Inbetweeners’ is my interest not necessarily because of the storyline but how it has risen from a small channel 4 show to one of Britain’s favourite television programmes.


The Inbetweeners






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